Friday, May 15, 2009


Getting ready for my trip I found WorldMate, a nice software for mobiles to keep your travel info ordered. I tested the trial period with information about flights (schedule, alerts and status) and it’s really good. Now the trial period is over but there are some free useful options like currency converter, weather forecast, world clocks and Day/Night map. The first two can be updated using Internet. My favourite option is World Weather, just to be ready for showers.

This software is available for different mobiles, including Nokia N95 of course. You can download the latest version in

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Countries - Australia

New country, time to update the map. Green ones are where I spent at least one night. Yellow ones are those I want to visit. Let’s see how it goes.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I got my drivers licence!

Finally I got it!!! I know, I was really lazy and after a lot of procrastination. I needed to be under a lot of pressure to take the next step.

It wasn’t as hard as I expected. I passed on my first try. I can’t wait for buy my first car and start to explore my new city. Well, actually I need to get another drivers licence first, but I’m now ready for it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle buys Sun, Oracle buys everything

This is a weird and surreal morning. The previous week IBM attempted to buy Sun Microsystems (without get an arrangement) and we were speculating about the result of this. Now, surprised and shocked, the landscape looks totally different:

Last year Oracle bought Bea and Primavera, but those can’t be compared with this acquisition. Oracle gained a lot with this buy, at glance:
  • A programming language: Java (and JavaFX)
  • An application server: GlassFish
  • An operating system: OpenSolaris
  • An office suite:
  • A virtualization software: Sun VirtualBox
  • A database: MySQL
  • An IDE: NetBeans
  • And last but not least: Hardware! Servers, Storage, Desktop Workstations, Laptops
Some interesting questions:
  • Oracle bought Bea last year and with this acquisition have 3 application servers: Oracle Application Server, Bea WebLogic and GlassFish. What is the future of the application servers? At the moment it is not clear. GlassFish should stay as free.
  • What is going to happen with Java? Java is the core of the application servers and now Oracle possess 2 VM. JME is a new world quite bit far of the enterprise environment. It would be very interesting administrate a database from a mobile.
  • What is the future of Exadata? Maybe run on Sun Solaris?
  • What is going to happen with the cloud computing division of Sun? Definitely cloud computing is a field ready to be exploded, specially for databases and application servers.
  • Does MySQL will stay free? Oracle is already the owner of InnoDB and Berkerley DB, database engines of MySQL. What about Oracle Express?
  • Is OpenSolaris going to be integrated to Content Management solution, Oracle Fusion Middleware?
  • NetBeans and JDeveloper. Personally I prefer NetBeans. Still the question is what to do with 2 similar products?
We need to wait for the next movements about this shocking acquisition. I hope all the open source doesn’t suffer a lost and keep the status quo. Everything is duplicated, except the hardware. Strange times in IT are coming.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What was in my mind in March?

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¿Qué había en mi mente en Marzo?

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Replacement Syndrome

When you replace something – e.g. an old machine - for a new better one, something really weird happens, the old one start to fail unexpectedly. I call this the “Replacement Syndrome”. Some examples of my life:
  • When I bought my N95, my Palm Zire 71 rebooted twice without my intervention and started to fail in synchronize.
  • My PC started to have problems after I bought my laptop. I had performed some backups ‘just in case’ while I was trying to fix everything. Then something totally unexpected happened, the secondary hard disk broke down. Luckily the backup was enough to save my data.
  • At work, many times when we already bought a server to replace an old one, the old one got a virus, broke down, reboot without reason, had a hardware failure, etc.
Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it’s a funny one!

P.S.- Don’t forget to have a plan B.

El Síndrome del Reemplazo

Cuando se reemplaza algo, por ejemplo, una vieja máquina, por otro nuevo y mejor, algo realmente extraño ocurre, el antiguo inesperadamente comienza a fallar. A eso lo llamo "El síndrome del reemplazo". Algunos ejemplos de mi vida:
  • Cuando compré el N95, mi Palm Zire 71 se reinició dos veces sin hacerle nada y empezó a fallar la sincronización de datos.
  • Mi PC comenzó a tener problemas después de que compré mi laptop. Yo había realizado algunas copias de seguridad "por si acaso", mientras estaba tratando de arreglar todo. Entonces sucedió algo totalmente inesperado, el disco duro secundario se averió. Afortunadamente, la copia de seguridad fue suficiente para guardar mis datos.
  • En el trabajo, muchas veces cuando ya hemos comprado un servidor para sustituir a uno viejo, el viejo contrajo un virus, se malogró, se reinició sin razón, tuvo una falla de hardware, etc.
Quizás son sólo coincidencias, pero es curioso.

P.S. - No se olviden de tener un plan B.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Finally I received my OCA success kit. It’s not as much as I expected. Only a letter and diploma. After all this time waiting for it, I must confess I was expecting something more interesting, but I’m happy finally arrived. Now I hope the OCP doesn’t take too much time.

Finalmente recibí mi OCA success kit. No es lo que yo esperaba. Sólo es una carta y un diploma. Después de todo este tiempo esperando por él, debo confesar que esperaba algo más interesante, pero aun así estoy feliz porque finalmente llegó. Ahora sólo espero que el OCP no demore demasiado tiempo.